Sepluk is a danish digital artist based in Aarhus, DK. His full name is Rene Czepluch, and the name “Sepluk” is the danish spelling, of how his last name is pronounced. Rene study Physics at Aarhus university and makes art in his free time.

With focus on modern digital abstract still images, Sepluk only sells and exhibits original prints. His passion is to bring more digital art into today’s art scene and ultimately inspire or contribute to a new perspective on digital art.

Rene Czepluch

Rene Czepluch


Digital art

Each piece is made with digital tools only. Photomanipulation and 3D software is Sepluk’s tools of trade.

Original print

Sepluk only sells and exhibits original prints. Each piece is unique and will never be printed twice.


Some pieces are available for download as wallpapers here...


Don’t hesitate to contact Sepluk here, or write an email at


2014 – December, Fairbar Aarhus, Digital art

2016 – March, Novam Artem, “By Sepluk”

2016 – Juli, Kolding storcenter

2016 – October, Exhibition with Marianne in Aarhus.

2017 May – October, Tønder hospital.

…With more to come.