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How to create digital art


Looking at my images i  think its a very natural question to ask – “how are the pieces done”. Especially if aren’t familiar with any graphical programs or any digital tools. So today I want to show you how I use these tools to create stunning visuals. I want to show the principle behind my piece “color colour” and my piece “Roy G Biv ii”

Color colour original

Color colour

Roy G. Biv ii

Roy G. Biv ii

At least the  principles behind them and how their are possible to do.

In my case projects Starts with an idea or a feeling, and in this case, it was an idea / thought experiment so I thought I would walk you through the thought experiment and also how you can actually set it up.

So the thought experiment – let me show you what i imagined and I encourage you to imagine the same. Now i imagined – what if there is a sphere – a big sphere in a 3d space.

sphere in 3d space

Sphere in 3d space

And it’s a hollow sphere. Now, inside that sphere the walls are painted with a rainbow gradient. Ok, now in that sphere
there’s another sphere and that spheres surface is perfectly reflectable. You can imagine the result won’t be that interesting at the moment because the result would be exactly the same as if the inner circle just was painted with a rainbow gradient because it reflect perfectly on the other sphere. All the way around it.

Sphere with rainbow gradient

The outer sphere with a rainbow gradient

The sphere inside the outer sphere. The surface is perfectly reflactable

The sphere inside the outer sphere. You cann see the inside of the outers sphere gradient in the background.  The surface of the inner sphere is perfectly reflactable

Now that’s not interesting yet, but what if the shape of the inne sphere is much morecomplex than just this sphere. For example the inner sphere might suddenly start to have deformations such as ripples. Can you imagine that? – Ripples on the sphere, the surface starts to look everywhere on the gradient. So if we have the outer circle, here just imagine it. Here is a complex shape inside the outer sphere:

inner figure - complex

Inner figure – complex

So what would happen if we render out the relfection of that complex shape? remember, it reflects the outer sphere – the rainbow gradient. This is the result:

figure reflecting

Complex figure, reflecting the outer sphere.

If we zoom in on that:

Reflection zoomed in

Reflection zoomed in

Amazing method to generate stunning colors. That’s how my pieces “Color colour” and “ROY G BIV II” Got it’s colors.


I made a video of this. It’s me talking about the same idea. But you can also see it animated.


Digital art color

Digital art color

how to create digital art - close up gif

how to create digital art – close up gif